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Sure, there's no guarantee you won't meet plenty of gold diggers and visa hunters, but then as a man you're gonna be a target for gold digging women regardless of which country they're from. I've not heard too many bad things said about romance tours. Romance tours from companies like A Foreign Affair are pretty darned expensive.I'd say that if you have the money, and if you're not that well travelled, then romance tours are worth a look.

A large number of romance tours take place every year throughout the world.

I know that many American guys don't even own a passport.

Believe me when I say that taking your first overseas trip to a wildly different country like the Philippines or China can be totally overwhelming. In all honesty the chances of you finding your dream girl on this tour is probably close to 100%.

Romance tours should not be confused with sex tourism, because the ultimate goal of a sex tourist is usually not marriage.

The hospitality that you will get in the Asian dating tours is truly impressive.

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