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Gorel Hanser, who works for Benny and Bjorn, confirms there was no personal appeal to Agnetha to come to the premiere - despite gossips suggesting it was down to Benny, because he owns the Rival Hotel where the event was held.Ms Hanser, who managed the group until it split in 1982, said: 'Agnetha came because she was invited by the film company.According to a Swedish source: 'She refused to do the picture which everyone wanted, which was the four of them together.' It's been 21 years since the Abba foursome were seen together in public - and the sticking point has always been Agnetha. opened in Stockholm three years ago - but walked alone into the theatre, and then alone out of it.

She girlishly linked arms with Anni-Frid and the film's leading lady Meryl Streep.No wonder the girls were not always the best of friends.A substantial amount of time has had to pass for Agnetha to forgive her bandmates for their part in her torment.Indeed, until the moment she turned up, even Abba's die-hard fans were dubious that Agnetha - pop's ultimate sex symbol - would make the journey from her self-imposed exile on one of Stockholm's rural outlying islands.In the event, she looked wonderful, displaying a shock of platinum hair and that gap-toothed smile which makes her instantly recognisable.

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