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Rather the arenga contains integrated elements of the narratio, which means it may not be considered as part of the protocol, but of the context.

There is also the question of whether the invocatio is indeed an invocation, the calling of God, rather than a form of the basmala (see BESMELLĀH).

In the chanceries of pre-modern Muslim states, the structural arrangement of documents was not followed with the same sense of consistency and obligatory convention.

The question whether the functional, structural, and formal elements of medieval and early modern European decrees can also be used to describe farmāns issued by chanceries of Islamic states is thus not settled.

The modern Persian names of months were adopted in 1925 (see CALENDARS). Farmāns were chiefly written on paper, whose quality changed with technological alterations over the centuries.

For the purpose of analysis and as a method for the description of documents, diplomatics has adopted this same terminology for its studies.

In historical as well as contemporary administrative and political usage the term often denotes a royal or governmental decree, that is a public and legislative document promulgated in the name of the ruler or another person (e.g., prince, princess, governor) holding partial elements of sovereignty.

In the Persophone chanceries of Islamic times and also, following their example, many Turcophone (Ottoman, Chaghatay) chanceries, the word farmān was invariably the standard nomenclature for such documents.

Finally follow the regulations for the recipient, concluded with an adhortatio, whose content stipulates the responsibilities for all those called upon to execute the dispositio.

In the sanctio punishment is announced for infractions, subsequent to which often follows the corroboratio, that is the declaration of the means of authentication.

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