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"At the time, the supercontinent Pangaea was trying to split apart," says the new study's lead author, Mark Sephton, a professor of organic geochemistry in the department of earth science and engineering at Imperial College London."The basalts that poured out are now called the Siberian Traps and are some of the largest of their type.In that study, researchers measured the amount of sulfur spewing out of the volcanoes during the end-permian Period and then plugged it into a global climate models.The result: a prediction of acid rain with a ph comparable to vinegar or lemon juice.***As pessoas interessadas em receber nossa newsletter via mail, podem escrever para pedindo sua adesão.IMAGEM DA SEMANA CURSOS CONGRESSOS CONCURSOS ARTIGO DA SEMANA Earth's Biggest Extinction Due to Climate, Volcanoes: Researchers BY LINDA CARROLL Scientists may have found the smoking gun that ties massive volcanic eruptions in Siberia to the huge Permian extinction, known as the Great Dying.

"The local trees died providing a modernday example of how the Permian catastrophe must have looked." Linda Elkins-Tanton, who coauthored a study on the Siberian Traps last year, says the new research dovetails nicely with her team's findings.

Because the roots could no longer bind the soil, erosion would have occurred stripping the land of its surface cover.

With the base of the food chain gone, the ecosystem would have collapsed." If you think it couldn't happen now, Sephton points to the die-off of forests in the Black Triangle of the Czech Republic.

The Siberian eruptions were particularly nasty because they intruded into a large sedimentary basin containing coals and salts which were cooked by the heat to produce a range of gases." When the forests died out, the soils beneath them eroded and eventually made their way to the shallow ocean waters nearby.

As Pangaea split up, the sediments were uplifted and became part of a mountain chain, some of which is now exposed in the Italian cliffs.

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It would have been 70 percent worse than the modern-day ozone hole at its worst.

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